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Meet Juliet


Hi! I’m Juliet a wife and mother of two in Fort Collins, Colorado. Outside of my family responsibilities, I find solace in the serenity of the outdoors and maintain a disciplined yoga practice. Professionally, my passion lies in the field of aesthetics, where I bring a meticulous and dedicated approach to enhance beauty and well-being.


My journey into the world of anesthesia initiated upon the culmination of my Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Concordia College in 2005, where I graduated with distinction - Magna cum Laude. Following a rewarding tenure as an ICU nurse in Fargo, ND, I transitioned to Duke University in Durham, NC, where I completed the comprehensive curriculum of their graduate anesthesia program. In 2009, I proudly graduated from Duke University with a Master of Science in Nursing, specializing in anesthesia and relocated to Denver, Colorado. Since making Fort Collins my home in 2011, I have found fulfillment in both my role as an anesthesia practitioner and in nurturing my family.


After years of practicing anesthesia, and loving my job, I decided to branch out into medical aesthetics in addition to continuing to provide anesthesia services. I feel that anesthesia is a natural background for medical aesthetics and I have gained a wealth of knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology. I enjoy applying years of experience to the art and science of medical aesthetics to my patients. My main focus is enhancing your natural beauty.

What sets me and my practice apart is the level of education, training and certification I possess. I am not an aesthetician, I am a trained nurse anesthesiologist and an advanced practice nurse. I completed my injection training at the Aviva Academy in Centennial, CO. Notably, this academy exclusively trains doctors and advanced practice nurses, ensuring a high-level comprehensive approach to injection procedures. It is crucial for individuals seeking aesthetic procedures to be informed about the qualifications and training of the professional administering medications, and I take pride in providing a level of expertise that prioritizes utmost safety and competence.


I am married to Steven and have two children and one dog, Ludo, a Golden Retriever extraordinaire. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors with my family. 

 FULL SERVICE Medical SPA in Fort Collins, Colorado 

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Juliet Nygaard ERB

Skin Care Lotions

what makes me unique

My Education

Nurse Anesthesiologist

Advanced Practice Nurse

Bachelors degree in Nursing (Concordia College - 2005)

Graduate degree with a Masters of Science in nursing specializing in anesthesia  (Duke University - 2009)


My Fun Personality

I love to make my patients smile and feel comfortable!

I love to have fun, both at work and at home

My Heart

I care deeply about your satisfaction and your comfort - I will always ensure you are comfortable!

As a wife, mother, daughter, and friend, I want our relationship to feel familial and easy, much like the relationships I hold closest to my heart

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